How does Sportle work?

Sportle indexes, aggregates and personalizes the official live stream for as many sporting events as possible. Some events are freely available. Some have restrictions based on cable provider credentials or location… in addition, it’s not always clear which app or site will carry the stream for an event. Why make the fan navigate this very confusing streaming landscape? Sportle solves for the pain points that keep fans from watching streams, and provides features to help personalize and modernize the live sports streaming experience.

Why does Sportle ask for my cable credentials?

Sportle created a technology - similar to a password service - that allows fans to enter their cable credentials in order to personalize their experience, and to create a seamless user experience. Once a fan enters cable credentials, filtering to “Available to Me” (not available on web yet) personalizes the feed of live streams to only what she/he has access to; once you select to watch a live event, Sportle takes care of authenticating you into that service with your credentials. No more issues remembering your password or dealing with the login process across the various stream providers.

Is Sportle free?

Yes, Sportle is completely free! We are a free resource for the sports fan. That said, if an event requires users to have cable or a subscription, the user must have the proper credentials in order to access that stream. Sportle does not allow the user to bypass that paywall. Sportle will always do its best to help the fan figure out the optimal path towards watching an event, whether its pointing them towards an authorized stream that is free, or providing steps to sign up for the required subscription.

Does Sportle own the streams?

The networks that broadcast the events own and host the stream. Sportle acts as a conduit, taking you directly to the stream as long as you adhere to the rules instigated by the networks and leagues. Relatedly, Sportle has no control over the quality of a stream.

Are these streams legit?

Yes, these are all official streams, initiated by the rights holders.

Is Sportle International?

Sportle gathers streams from all over the world. We are focused on providing streams available to U.S. users at first, but we plan to expand internationally soon. Sportle is available to check out for people located outside the U.S., but they will not have access to geo-blocked streams or streams for which they don’t have the proper credentials.

There are some games I know are being streamed, but not on Sportle… where are they?

We’re doing our best to add as many event streams as possible. If you know of a stream that we missed, please email us at… thanks!

Is there such thing as too much sports?

No. We believe the evolution of sports viewing to include digital and mobile devices significantly increases sports fans’ ability to watch sports at all times. And Sportle is paving the way by helping sports fans never miss a moment of action.

I don’t see my cable provider on the list. What’s the deal?

Thanks for your patience. We should have comprehensive coverage shortly, but please feel free to nudge us to prioritize your provider.

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